Happy Tax Freedom Day!!!

Congratulations to the average Canadian! As of June 10, you are officially working for yourself. While this date is arbitrary, and is different for each of us, it highlights the reality of the onerous tax burden that has been placed on Canadians. June 10 represented...

Be Prepared

After watching the last week in the market’s volatility and downward spiral, and seeing a few bounces up and then inevitably down again, I decided to write about this… The volatility and down markets could be a sign of things to come, but for people in certain...

Emotional Investing

  I recently attended an information session hosted by BMO fund manager and star of BNN, Larry Berman. He spoke about the emotions of investing and how most people, even professional fund managers are guilty of the psychological mistake of emotional investing. He...

Teach kids about money

Teach kids about money

Seeing that it is child wellness month, I decided to write a quick blog to give advice on how to teach kids about money. I think that this is extremely important, as a lot of people are in financial hardship today because of the example they learned from their...

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